Pan[dem]ic Rooms:
A Photo Essay

With classes mostly moving online, SAIC's dynamic campus landscape stands lonely and empty.
by Ryan Shultis

Ryan Shultis is a photographer and a professional collector of random objects. He is most likely lost in Chicago with his camera right now.

Illustration by
Justine Guzman

Student sits alone in a Sharp Building classroom.

COVID classroom layout

Social distancing sticker outside a classroom.

Empty hallway of
the Sharp building.

Empty classroom, with
chairs six feet apart.

One of the many stickers found
in each classroom.

Typical layout of a
classroom during COVID-19.

Another typical classroom layout.

Empty hallway in the 280 building.

Sanitation products found in each classroom space.

Students walking through the 280 hallway.

Entrance to an empty digital studio space.