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Therapy Parrot — Grapes

Grape obsessed or no, it’s an improvement from BetterHelp

By Comics, Featured Comics


Panel 1: A patient, and therapy parrot are sitting in his office, in front of a wall of multicolored books with bird-themed titles, as well as therapy parrot’s degree. The patient is sitting on a light green couch, and is wearing a dark blue long sleeve shirt with a black pair of pants and red sneakers. Therapy parrot is sitting on a perch and wearing his glasses.

Panel 2: There’s a close up on the patient who’s on the green couch. The patient says “I feel like I’ve been ignored my entire life. Like nothing I say or do matters because no one’s listening to me anyways.

Panel 3: There’s a close up on therapy parrot who’s wearing his glasses. He’s in front of some green books that say “english” on them.

Panel 4: It’s still a close up on therapy parrot. He says “I like grapes”

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