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Starr Ramone #12

A slice of life look at the Starr Ramone band on tour.

By Comics, Featured Comics

Panel 1. On the tour bus at night, Starr is comfortably asleep in a chair, as Bebe is asleep on the couch. From the bunks in the back, a conversation is overheard. Dave says quietly, “I’ve gotta go, the whole bus is asleep…alright love you too.”

Panel 2. On the tour bus in the morning, Starr is comfortably reclined in her chair as her bandmates get ready. Karl merrily eats breakfast on the couch as their brother Dave talks on the phone, leaning on a counter. Bebe stands in front of Dave, hands on her hips. Dave is on the phone, “Sorry, babe, the time zones have me mixed up.” Bebe shouts, “Dave, get the fuck outta the way!”

Panel 3. At the fan meet and greet, a fan excitedly greets the band members, who are at various stages of alertness. Starr is sat at the end, comfortably reclined.


Panel 1. Starr sits with her feet up on a speaker, comfortably reclined, as stagehands set up.

Panel 2. SPLASH. The Starr Ramone Band performs. Starr is front and center, clutching a microphone. Starr shouts, “We’re the Starr Ramone Band, and we’re going to tear down your reality!”

Panel 3. The band eats, jovially, at a diner. Starr is (as would be expected) comfortably reclined, as she, Karl, and Bebe laugh. Dave is passed out in his seat with doodles on his face.

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