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Denial is a Diease

Not just a river in Egypt.

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“Denial is a Disease” by Marcus Emdanat


A six-panel comic depicting the US Government– represented by a blank white figure with sunglasses, a bow, and a US flag top hat– responding to various situations regarding COVID.
Panel one: The US government character kicks down the hospital room door of an intubated and comatose COVID patient with a slam, shouting, “WAKEY WAKEY COVID IS OVER”
Panel two: A woman holding a COVID test says “why are COVID tests so expensive now? I can’t afford these,” to which the US government responds, “no worries!! COVID is over now, so no need!!” while giving a thumbs-up.
Panel three: A woman is holding her child’s hand in one hand and holding an $8 carton of eggs in the other; the US government is there saying “you can’t afford food?? Well that’s not right, COVID is over! What’s a supply shortage–“
Panel four: A wheelchair-using man wearing a mask says “COVID made me permanently disabled and now I can’t work, can I get some help please?” and the US government responds with “just declared COVID over, that should help!” while making finger guns.
Panel five: A person with shoulder-length hair says “I can’t work for a week cause of a positive test, can you help me?” to which the US government, lying back in a pool chair and sipping a martini, says “nah COVID’s over”
Panel six: A family of three stands in front of their destroyed home; the mother says “a hurricane destroyed our home and there’s COVID in the shelters, can we get some better aid?” The US government, hanging from a helicopter ladder, says “good news!! covid is over,” with a 🙂 (colon-parenthesis) smiley face emoticon.

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