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Bad Parable — Pet Owner Problems

That classic feeling when your pet is labeled a threat to national security.

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“Bad Parable — Pet Owner Problems” by Teddie Bernard.


Panel One: Yello the mouse approaches their friend Bev the beaver. Bev looks sad. Yellow says, “What’s wrong, Bev?” Bev shares, “I’ve already failed my New Year’s Resolution.”

Panel Two: Yello looks alarmed, saying, “What! It’s only March.” Bev says, “I know…”

Panel Three: Yello says, “What was your resolution?” Bev passes Yello a piece of paper, saying, “Here, look.”

Panel Four: Yello looks at the paper and says, “Bev, buddy, I think this was a little out of your control…” The paper reads, “Resolution: take good care of my pet weather balloon.”

Teddie Bernard (BFA 2023) is a multimedia artist and cartoonist who has never had a Pepsi. Find more of their work at
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