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The Sky Talks: Scorpio Season and The Eclipses

Learning from Kabbalah to take control of powerful energy that affects everyone this Scorpio season

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Illustration by Shijing Li.

On Tuesday, the 25th of October, we entered  into the kabbalistic cycle of Scorpio. And you know what comes as a bonus this season? Two eclipses! That’s right. A partial solar eclipse during the new moon on the 25th and a total lunar eclipse during the  full moon on the 8th of November.

As if the intrinsic intensity of the Scorpio sign was not enough, we have an extra strength that accompanies this energy that will create profound transformations on the global and individual levels.

Scorpio is a water sign, but its inner nature is fire. Scorpio rules the sexual organs, so the temptations can be great, both figuratively and literally. We have to pay attention to passions, which can be very seductive, and the extreme feelings of love and hate that accompany them. There is no middle ground in this cycle. The low vibration of this energy manifests itself in excessive control, envy, and distrust. These forces will influence everyone during this time, not just Scorpios.

With the added strength of eclipses, this cycle has really come to transform and rescue our deepest truths, so that we can take control of our lives again. What was buried in the deepest layers of our minds can resurface. What is not working the way it is, will go away for good, and what must be transformed will gain exponential strength for the transmutation to happen. This is the cycle of rebirth.

As Mars will remain in Gemini until March 24, 2013, there is extra stimulus during this period for intellectual exchanges and communication. The low vibration of this energy can result in verbal disputes, aggression, and lies. Unfortunately, we can witness this  in the mainstream media and in the political climates  in many countries right now. Verbal aggression, insults, name-calling, fake news, etc. 

But, as a Kabbalistic astrologer, I decided to apply the highest and most inspiring vibration of this planetary placement: the stimulus through the constructive exchange of information coming from different points of view. I invited my friends, Kabbalistic teachers and astrologers, Amir Rehan and Joshua Robbins, to share with me what they think about the influences of eclipses in this Scorpio season.

Joshua Robbins: This set of eclipses is going to be a continuation of the massive changes that humanity has been experiencing both on the personal as well as on the global level. Shocks to local and global markets will continue in unexpected ways as well as attempts by governments on all levels to maintain stability. The Scorpio side of these eclipses asks us to shed old traumas that linger in our consciousness by proactively seeking to confront them and heal them. Many times we seek to avoid the darker emotions believing erroneously that out of sight is out of mind. However, these eclipses will pressure us to confront this shadowy area of our psyche so that we can uproot the core cause of it. Don’t be afraid to go deeper, and don’t be afraid to be honest. It also will show us that the changes that we are experiencing aren’t as dark as our minds may want us to believe. The only reason we may project a catastrophic expectation is simply because we possess unhealed trauma. If we heal the trauma, we change our outlook to something much more simple and serene. The Taurus side of the eclipses asks us to embrace an outlook of certainty in that no matter what we are experiencing, it is 100% from the Creator, and it is 100% for our highest good. Don’t be fooled by folks who predict doom and gloom. These are people who are unable to process rapid change in a healthy way. Just because their illusionary reality is crumbling doesn’t mean that your reality will as well.  If we embrace a down-to-earth point of view and take the proper steps forward that root us in what is rather than what we want to see, we can work with what we have in the moment and build a new stability for ourselves.

Amir Rehan: Thank you for the opportunity, friend and fellow astrologer Diana Motta. We both have a lot of Scorpio influence as you and I both have the south node in Scorpio, which means we had a past life in Scorpio. So, we’ve already experienced all this (the intense and haunting side of Scorpio), it’s in our past. The eclipse will influence all of humanity, and more intensely people who have the south node, sun, or moon in Scorpio or Taurus, which is the opposite sign. It is a time when our emotions will be challenged as the moon shows our reactivity, and we lose emotional control and succumb to anger. It is not by chance that some intense destruction took place during this cycle in history. I think the main message is to learn to fight the temptation to attack, to be aggressive. And to inject a pause, a calm, and wait a little. 

Myself: First, understand that it is a fight. And that this combat begins and ends at the level of consciousness. Scorpio energy is very present in the DNA of my soul (note: the Kabbalistic Astral Map does this reading). Today I can see clearly, and day after day I understand better, and I work to definitively master the negative aspects of this force. Mainly, knowing how to take control of destructive passions. When a temptation comes, read “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll,” I am  able to come to a conscience and have absolute clarity about my values. Because if my values ​​are not well defined, and my goals are not well defined, I will not have enough discernment or strength to apply the restriction, that is, learn to say no. This means taking a long-range view of the consequences of my actions and being clear about what will be worth it in the long run. And this is built through spiritual work with great determination. What excites me is the pleasure and satisfaction I receive whenever I can apply this wisdom. It gives me the strength and power to keep going. Practice is success’s best friend.

In addition to being a visual artist, Diana Motta is also a Kabbalistic astrologer. She spent fourteen years immersed in kabbalah studies and graduated at the renowned Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology. She works as a professional astrologer with personalized chart reading services and as a columnist for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. You can follow her instagram profile for more astrology tips at @dika_astra_eng.

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