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The Sky Talks: Pure Pleasure for the Soul

Latest musings from Diana Motta’s “The Sky Talks” column.

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Illustration by Jade Sheng.

According to Kabbalah, we all came from the original soul that embodied both Adam and Eve. That means our original body was nonbinary, both masculine and feminine at the same time. Kabalistic wisdom says that we must go back to the beginning, exactly where it all started. So it’s no coincidence that there are more nonbinary people today and that number is only increasing. In some way or another we all want to emulate the original thought of creation. 

According to the ancient wisdom, there are 10 dimensions of reality. The lowest dimension of all is Malchut, which rules where we live: The physical world. Above Malchut is Yesod, the spiritual realm, where the experience of the divine becomes infinitely stronger. Yesod is where sex takes us, so sex is considered a sacred act, one of complete unification with the Creator. The pleasure we feel in the sex is the pleasure of unifying with the higher dimensions. Sex is actually an incredible opportunity to connect with the light, it is meant to be an experience of complete passion filled with deep pleasure.

In addition, there is an idea that sex connects us with energy, and just like electrical energy, it requires engineering some precautions. When we use another person to feel sexual pleasure, we risk leaving wounds. Wounds, like electrical energy, can create a short circuit in our lives. You wouldn’t risk putting your finger on a wire without a cover, so what is the cover for sexual energy? There are two primary layers.

The first layer is love, caring for the other person. Love is the connection between two souls. The words “love” and “unity” have the same numerical value in Kabbalalistic terms, this means that these two words have the same essence.

The second layer is elevation: We want to use sexual energy to elevate the relationship with the other person. It’s not just a moment of pleasure. This is a time when the unification between these two people must rise — when the couple feels they want to raise the vibration. Furthermore, Yesod’s own dimension is above Malchut, in this sense of “elevation.” 

Often after sex, the couple distances themselves, in coldness, as a duty fulfilled. Of course, everything is cultural, and today we know that sex is part of a lot of people’s daily life. The most important thing — if you don’t have love or elevation — is to avoid hurting your partner. Be sensitive. If it’s casual sex, make sure you both consent. It is important if one person is in love with the other, and they decide to have sex, that they both acknowledge this will create a unification between them. All of this makes sex much purer in the sense of upliftment.

By the way, just a curious insight about the initials LGBTQI+: My colleague, kabalistic astrologer and scholar, Amir Rehan, found the LGBTQI letters  inside the most famous kabalistic meditation, the Ana Bekoach, showing how the Creator thought and created the LGBTQI community in the thought of creation. 

This is Ana Bekoach:


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