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Bad Parable – Heat Warning

Things are heating up in Bad Parable – Heat Warning.

By Comics


Panel One: Two demon-like creatures sit in the pits of hell. They lounge on some rocks while fire burns behind them. One demon asks the other, “So, how’s your new haunting going? It’s a beaver, right?”

Panel Two: The second demon looks tired at the mention of the beaver. It sighs.

Panel Three: Cut to a different time and place. The demon has returned to the realm of mortals, to Bev the beaver’s apartment. Bev says, “Bug Boy! Where were you?” Beverly is wearing a shirt that says ‘Worried Friend’ on it. The demon, irate, replies “Outside?”

Panel Four: Bev’s concern continues. He says, “There’s an excessive heat warning! You could’ve hurt yourself!”

Panel Five: The demon disagrees, saying, “Heat doesn’t affect me as I am a DEMON–” However, it is cut off by Bev who shouts, “Don’t ever scare me like that again!”

Panel Six: An up-close shot of the demon’s face. The demon says, “You’re ridiculous.”

Panel Seven: Bev replies by giving the demon the biggest puppy eyes any beaver could muster.

Panel Eight: Defeated, the demon puts it’s head in it’s hand. The demon says “Fine, I’ll be more careful.” Bev, clearly ecstatic, shouts, “YAY!”

Teddie Bernard (BFA 2023) is a multimedia artist and cartoonist who has never had a Pepsi. Find more of their work at
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