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Tiledren Journey

Mysterious figures have a fantastical journey through a bathroom in Chana Goldbloom’s “Tiledren Journey.”

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Panel One: Five one-eyed beings looking out of a grate with five holes above a striped floor.
Panel Two: Two of the beings are now in front of the grate and one is in the middle of coming out.
Panel Three: The figures walk forward, creeping through the grate and into the room.
Panel Four: In a larger panel, we see a fourth figure reaching out of the grate, a fifth figure staying behind.
Panel Five: Arms reach into a chest that has a rope in it.
Panel Six: The rope is now stretched out between three of the beings, and a hook is at the end of it. One being is pointing upwards while holding the end of the rope that has the hook.
Panel Seven: We see what the figure is pointing at–the underside of a bathroom sink which is seven times the size of the small figure.
Panel Eight: Close up of the third figure maneuvering the rope and hook closer into their body.
Panel Nine: Bird’s eye view of the bathroom sink and floor. The rope is mid-air flying from the third figure who is holding it on the ground surrounded by the rest of the beings.
Panel Ten: The hook lands loosely in the sink!
Panel Eleven: The slack in the rope tightens as the hook snatches in tight underneath the ledge of the sink.
Panel Twelve: View of under the sink, with a rope hanging down from the side. A being is beginning to climb the rope.
Panel Thirteen: Now two figures are climbing up the rope!
Panel Fourteen: One figure has reached the top and beckons the remaining figures climbing up the rope.
Panel Fifteen: The second figure gets a hold of the top ledge with one arm. The other two figures wriggle up the rope.
Panel Sixteen: A full page spread of the sink with three figures standing on the ledge and one sitting down on the ledge. The upper third is of the mirror with a towel on a towel rack reflected. The middle third is of the sink with the figures, a crumpled rag, soap, a large toothbrush in a tall mason jar, a shorter mason jar, a brush, curl cream, a comb, makeup, and shaving cream. The lower third has the rope hanging down in front of the architecture of the underneath of the sink. The figures have successfully completed their journey.

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