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Finding Serenity in Chicago

A photo essay of suggestions to visit during Chicago’s long winter.

By Multimedia, Photo Essay

Winters in Chicago can be dreadful, and practicing self-care may look a little different than usual.  A great way to keep yourself in a good head space is getting outside, exploring, and finding safe spaces to spend your time in!

The front of the conservatory with brown vines strung across the top of the front sign and melted snow on the steps.

Garfield Park Conservatory, exterior.


A doorway covered with beautiful greenery leading into another garden.

Garfield Park Conservatory, interior.


Store front with reflection of the city in the glass and “Sweet Bean” written in big letters under a graphic of a crumbled cookie.

Sweet Bean at 1125 S. Wabash Ave



Pastries behind glass and a shelf filled with different snacks and other treats.

Sweet Bean selections


Dimly lit aisles of the bookstore behind the stairs leading up to the first floor and a vintage poster on the side of the aisle.

after-words bookstore at 23 E Illinois St


A seating area against the window with fens hanging over the table and snack baskets set up around the chairs.

Foxtrot Market, with multiple locations in North Chicago


Refrigerators line the side of the store filled with drinks and prepackaged meals.

Foxtrot Market Selections


A pathway through the conservatory with tall plants creating an arch over a part of the pathway and a beautiful orange tree toward the back of the path.

Lincoln Park Conservatory


A close up of a bush with a sign in the middle reading “Sweat Plant”.

A sweat plant at Lincoln Park Conservatory


A side shot of a snowy library front.

Chicago Public Library has 80 branches


A long bookshelf leading into the children’s section with computers and tables.

A bookshelf at the Chicago Public Library.



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