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Tiny Love Letters: SAIC Edition

Three mini love letters from SAIC students, inspired by the NYT “Modern Love” column.

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Illustration by Cortney Anderson.

Inspired by the New York Times column, “Modern Love,” three SAIC community members share tiny love stories that broaden the meaning of love. Part of F’s 2021 “Summer of Love” Issue — available now all over campus!


The most intense love a tween from 2011 can feel is the love for a boyband, and I was certainly one of those tweens. One Direction came into my life from the local radio station and infiltrated from there. Not even Zayn Malik leaving the band via Facebook post on my 15th birthday could break me from their spell — I was hooked. I spent more than half of my teenage years going to concerts, staying up late for album drops, and spending way too much money at 1D world in Mall of America.

So, to the silly boyband: I love you.

— Peyton Resner (BFA 2022)


My life now revolves around running.

We’re still in the first phase of love with fire and passion perhaps because, running and I have only been together for 6 months.

I come from Seoul, Korea, where I have to check the fine dust level everyday. In the midst of my winter break, I realized I needed to take advantage of living in a place with clean air.

Running and I went through different phrases to keep our relationship going and we now have one of the most healthy relationships that I’ve ever been in. I seek out running as much as possible, making it a part of my life. In return, it grounds me. No matter how shitty, unaccomplished, or anxious I feel, it makes me feel okay, even happy.

For all of that, I want to tell running: thank you for helping me get through life and teaching me what a healthy relationship should be like. I love you and I hope you stay in my life as long as possible. I’m going to do my best to keep my knees healthy.

— Hwiy Chang (BFA 2022)


To Garret:

A year and a half ago, we were in Italy and I sat next to you on the bus for the first time. I started bitching and you sat quietly and listened. One pandemic, countless mental breakdowns, a 2 a.m. emergency room visit (which you so rudely missed), the birth of our dog-son, and a few drunken dance parties have passed. I’m still bitching, but this time, you’re bitching too. Looking forward to years and years of bitching together, bestie!

Love, Monica

— Monica Gong (BFA 2023)

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