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SPOTLIGHT ON: Kathryn Schaffer [Freeradio SAIC Interview]

Is the “Make Ready” plan sufficient?

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Kathryn Schaffer, coordinator of science classes at the School for the Art Institute of Chicago, wrote to administration and faculty describing her position on the inadequacy of the “Make Ready” framework for returning to campus during COVID-19, citing the lack of expert involvement in risk assessment and crisis management, along with the unique risks SAIC faces and concrete shortcomings of the “Make Ready” plan. Kathryn’s comments have been intentionally circulated within the school’s network, reaching students and faculty more widely, so we reached out to her to have a conversation expanding on some of the points she brought up.

Olivia Canny, news editor at SAIC’s student newspaper F Newsmagazine, talks to Kathryn Schaffer in this FreeRadioSAIC “spotlight on” program.

Full transcript here.

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