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SAIC Beat, S02E03 — Making It: Laura Meyer (Cygne)

What happens when you outlive your singer-songwriter dreams?

By Featured, Multimedia, Podcast, SAIC

Illustration by Catherine Cao.

Laura Meyer (MFA 2021, Writing), a.k.a. Cygne, aspired to be the first female member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. A self-styled songwriter and performer, she toured the U.S. and Europe for years, running down a dream she’d first sighted in adolescence. Then, the night of a 2017 show in Switzerland, Laura felt the dream dry up — coincidentally (or not), Tom Petty passed away the following day. Ever since, Laura has been reimagining a life off the road, focused more on the “making,” and less on the “it.”

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