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Litter, Litter Everywhere

The bizarre, grotesque, and and surprising things left on Chicago streets.

By Multimedia, Photo Essay

  • The shadow of a passer-by looms over an arched piece of paper towel on the corner of N. State St and W. Randolph St.
  • Empty liquor bottles line the inside of a destroyed dresser on E Haddock Pl.
  • An upside-down pie tin sites in the shade of a nearby building on E Haddock Pl.
  • A bird feather, swept up by passing cars on N. Wabash Ave, finds its way to an empty Popeyes bag.
  • On N Wabash Ave, a McDonalds bag gets left beside a crusty banana peel.
  • On E. Benton Pl. a Chick-fil-A and Capri Sun pouch lie side by side, crushed after being run over by a car.
  • A distressing yellow liquid fills a purified drinking water bottle on E. Benton Pl.
  • Tires, tin cans, and ten-gallon water jugs clutter the side of the road on E Benton Pl.
  • Used rubber gloves lie on the pavement on E. Benton Pl.

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