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April Astrology: I Am What I Wish to Become

The stars are asking us to be patient, to work and grow with intent.

By F+, Featured

Illustration by Ishita Dharap

Repeat after me:

I accept my energy and ability to launch new actions for the betterment and benefit of myself

or for others, in whatever capacity I choose, as appropriate.

The key for tapping into my deepest resources is the ever-increasing acceptance of myself,

of who I am now and what I wish to become.

I can see, hear and feel myself in action, day by day, month by month, constantly moving toward the perfection of my talents, deeply integrating all my aspects by trusting myself, refining what I already have accomplished by continued use of my unique gifts.


Let’s welcome Aries season already! After a topsy-turvy month of an intense retrograde cycle, with many miscommunications and conflicts resurfacing for so many of us, it’s about time we realigned ourselves. Putting oneself first will be the top priority this month, and if you close your eyes and tune into yourself, you may naturally tap into an energetic upsurge within. Mid-semester critiques have now passed and the second half of Spring awaits us here at SAIC. What lessons do you want to carry forward? Which ones do you want to eradicate? Which ones do you want to put a pin on, so you can return to reflect upon later, in the hot summer months? Exploring these questions may lead to a lot of satisfaction this month.


April 1-7, Week 1:

Aries is fiery. The sign represents leadership and action. On the 5th, we have a burning Aries New Moon. Here’s a grounding ritual to make the most of this night. Expect a sort of restless vibe in the air, and many different demands on your time and space. SAIC alumni and artist, Rodney McMillan’s talk at the Art Institute may just be the perfect channel to transform that restlessness into something productive. His work is large-scale and expansive, yet, intense and deep — a nice fit with the cosmos at that moment.


April 8-15, Week 2:

If we learn to depend on ourselves, and become our own best friend, we are perceived as authentically integral, confident and strong in our community. These qualities may sound easy to harness but they require a specific kind of inner work. Now is the time to wake up to this truth, if we are to really deal with the many upheavals life throws our way. While the new moon energy flows freely into this week, it also forms a difficult aspect with the tough love planet (Saturn). This means, before we can lead, we have to undergo a series of internal tests. Patience is key here, but being patient when your peers are losing their cool late into the semester, professors are demanding higher work quality and sleep is scarce — that is a particular kind of test in art school.

A new wave of retrogrades awaits us this month: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto begin their yearly cycles of retrospection and refinement. The planets are eternally engaged in a dance of sorts, and it is really our choice whether we want to fight and react, or sway and flow with each pattern that shows up to confront us.


April 16-23, Week 3:

Aries is ruled by the warrior planet Mars. With Aries energy ending this week, and the retrogrades bringing their own heaviness, artist Martha Rosler’s work may be perfect for this time. She has produced works on war and the national security climate that connect life in the US with war abroad. Her talk may inspire, challenge or provide some much needed perspective on the power of art to speak to these intensities.

If you feel truly awakened to action, you may find Student Government’s UnCannon series productive to learn about ways of going against the grain in ways that raise mass consciousness.


April 24-31, Week 4:

Pluto, the planet of sudden crisis, of rebirth and war, has a power-struggle on the 24th and then turns retrograde. From this day until the end of November, we may experience events which test our own power. We may not be as open about our desire for control or power, and some of us may be less in touch with it, but somehow, we will be pushed to reflect on our individual relationship to it deeper. The Visual Critical Studies department, which is known for its ability to question institutional frameworks and the power relationships between authorities, will be hosting its Graduate Symposium at this time. This event may be a good space to think, reflect and write about the struggles of power mentioned above. Could there be ways your own artistic practice can be redefined around the question of power? On the 29th, Saturn turns retrograde. Here, we will be called to review our work and love commitments. When things seem to go wrong, we may experience deeper levels of guilt and self-doubt than usual. This is okay, as long as we understand that our feelings are transient and natural, they need to be allowed to flow without harm and judgement, as long as they are not happening at the cost of others around us. Remember, as we continue to practice standing in our power, we become a stronger link in the chain of humanity, and bring strength and structure in areas that lack it. And trust me, the world needs that right now.

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