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December Astrology: Raw Wounds and some Healing Balm

December pushes us to consider how we channel our energies and keep our loved ones close.

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Illustration by Ishita Dharap

Welcome to December! Winter is here and our streets are alive with the freezing Chicago winds again! Are you still reeling from the storms that November brought to your doorstep? Or, perhaps, you find yourself experiencing a quiet detachment of sorts? Some relationships may have naturally fallen for you, while some new ones may be emerging with fresh desire. If you feel internally stable through the many changes that 2018 has brought into your life, then you may be experiencing some soul growth.

Look back to January 2018. What do you see? If you feel drastically different from the person you were 11 months ago, it is possible that you have a sun/moon/rising placement in the signs of Aquarius or Leo — the two zodiac energies that experienced the most turbulence this year, due to some fiery sport that the planets ruling them were playing (Don’t know your sun/moon/rising signs? These can be keys to your inner patterns! Enter your information and find out here).

Evolutionary astrology believes that there is reason behind each action, a purpose behind every meeting, and a lesson behind each relationship that crosses our life path, even if it may not feel like it. And hence, the study of mapping one’s personal (natal) planets at the time of one’s birth to the bigger movements of the cosmos, can be valuable in understanding key motivations behind one’s past and future behaviors. I hope you find value in this craft! 

Let’s divide our month into each week and see what the skies are up to:

Week 1, December 1-7

We are up for a hot start of the month. The planet of thought and communication (Mercury) is still in retrograde (backward motion) until the 6th. Along with this, the Sun forms a square with the planet of action (Mars) this week leading to a much hotter new moon in Sagittarius on the 7th. Sigh! What does this mean?

According to the astrologer Kelli Fox, “If you contact someone or go on a date during this period, don’t be surprised if you rub them the wrong way without even meaning to. What might start out as a perfectly good connection could go bad fast if you’re argumentative or competitive with them.” This is a time for paying attention to our super-aggressive voices. Channeling this excessive energy into sport, sex, masturbation, or an art process that requires lots of physical labor are some good things to do. At SAIC, this energy falls at an opportune time: Critique Week, where we will need some extra energy! Allow yourself time and space to feel these fierce, powerful thoughts and emotions. They may come up for you through an authority figure like a teacher, or a loved one that reminds you of someone in a position of authority in your life (like a parent, perhaps). If you repress it, it will manifest in ways that are nasty, especially with your loved ones!

Time away in nature is a great antidote to this pent-up week. Choose non-art/work related outdoor events to take your mind off of classes and art criticism, even if you feel it is too cold to step outside. Hug a tree that changes colors while you eat smores! If you are single and are feeling particularly sexual, consider a self-pleasure ritual at the start of your day, that can really help take the edge off. If you are the type to cool off at mixers and parties (and are a grad student), consider attending Campus Life’s graduate student mixer on the 6th. There will be free alcohol and food for the first hour and a very chill ambiance to interact with other artists in the community.

Week 2, December 8-15

This is a week in the middle where the cosmos are neither too hot nor too cold, but there is still some tension in the air. Chances are, the consequences of the fiery new moon on the 7th will take focus this week, with power clashes, ego-driven friend conflicts, and verbal battles playing up. Consider going to writers Ama Diaka’s and Ree Sherwood’s MFAW Graduate lecture series, which will cover the two-years of work they’ve completed at SAIC. Diverting our minds from our own issues into someone else’s work and accomplishments helps us to gain perspective. And with all this tight planetary geometry, perspective may be just what the doctor ordered. With so much happening in December, and it being time to pack our bags for the holidays and seeing families again, exhaustion should be expected.

Week 3, December 16-23

Here comes this month’s most nurturing week to save the day! On the 22nd, the moon blooms full in her own mothering, uplifting, wholesome energy of Cancer. As astrologer Marina writes,  The ambiance at this full Moon is gentile and compromising. Those touched by this full Moon will want to treat their loved ones like royalty. It’s a great period to do things that pamper yourself or indulge in homemade treats. Yay festival time!” I could not have said it better. We have worked a ton this 2018, and our physical selves need rest, hibernation, food, play, and joy. Fall semester ends this week and now is really the best time to decompress those nervous systems with as much coddling you can give to your tired bodies. Here’s a bit more about the moon’s phase, in case you’re interested.

Week 4, December 24-31

And here comes the last week of 2018! Companionship and deep union with people we love will be the theme of this time since we will be feeling the residual energy of the full moon, as it forms a beautiful sextile with the planet of independent love (Uranus).  I suggest planning for intimate time with people very dear to you instead of going to a bunch of social gatherings which may seem more forced or obligatory in nature. There will be a slightly enhanced need to be uniquely yourself and shy away from big group settings this week. If your biological family tends to become draining during the holidays, consider planning ahead and setting up time with your chosen family instead.  This will be optimal for New Year’s festivities.

Celebrate yourself, feel those feelings, acknowledge another year accomplished at art school, and thank your natal stars. Whatever has happened, has happened. You are still alive, breathing and reading this in your own fullness.

2019 is barely a month away and it is promising to be one abundance-filled year. Are you excited?


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