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The Women’s March on the White House: Gallery

F Newsmagazine attended the women’s march on the White House, capturing photographs of protesters from all around the country.

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  • On the walk to the National Mall at 10:30 a.m., crowds stopped sticking to sidewalks several blocks away. Pennsylvania Avenue and 6th Street NW.
  • Trees were popular high ground both for signs and people. The National Mall.
  • Trump's tweets were a popular subject of both signs and chants throughout the crowd. Jefferson Drive SW and 4th Street NW.
  • From 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., a group of marchers costumed to look like a wall marched in circles spreading chants and providing musical accompaniment at The National Mall.
  • Now is the hour of our discontent says the marchers who are predicting an impending Trump disaster. The National Mall.
  • A protester hiding behind her feminist statement near the National Mall on January 21.
  • Several animals attended the march as well, such as this peaking out of a demonstrator's backpack at Pennsylvania Avenue NW and 14th Street NW on January 21.
  • In shows of camaraderie, marchers stopped each other to photograph their favorite signs frequently. Outside of Trump International Hotel, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
  • A protester holds a sign with one simple word, showing that sometimes the simplest messages are the most effective. Jefferson Drive SW and 4th Street NW.
  • For every marcher, heads were held as high as their signs. Constitution Avenue NW and 7th Street NW.
  • While the march was mostly white women, intersectional feminism was its cornerstone. Jefferson Drive SW and 4th Street NW.

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