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Letter to the Editor: I Will Not Be Moving On

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To the Editor:

This is a letter to those who wish that I move on and accept the will of the American voter lest my country leave me behind.

I absolutely will not be moving on. Winning an election does not mean the other side must quiet down and go away; just ask our current president. The American electorate put forth President Obama — a progressive, minority candidate who won two different elections and then had to deal with the right’s absolute unwillingness to move on. Despite his victories he faced unheard-of obstruction, refusal by Congress to do its job and confirm a judge, people claiming he wasn’t even a citizen, countless attempts to delegitimize his presidency.

Now the electorate puts forth a man who doesn’t believe my own sister deserves the same rights as I do — let alone any friends, enemies, or acquaintances who happen to belong to any number of minority groups. I am both unwilling and unable to accept that. My country will not move on without me; I am engaged and will continue to be so. America will have to drag me along with it and I will make it difficult. I cannot wait for the right to taste its own sour, antagonistic medicine and can only hope the left are sufficiently prepared for years of opposition politics.

I have never been happier to be a part of the community at SAIC. This is a welcoming and safe place, but we have to be willing to reach out and spread the message of diversity and freedom of expression. We can start with our city.

And honestly, has anyone seen Trump’s birth certificate?

— Ian Wojcikiewicz, MFAW 2018

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