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An Illustrated Guide to the Illinois State Budget Crisis

Illinois is the last state without a budget, and that’s a major problem.

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Want to Learn More? Here’s a Quick Bibliography:

Reboot IllinoisA non-partisan group that aims to encourage citizens to retake ownership of the government. It has up-to-the-minute reporting on the budget crisis, and tons of resources for people who want to take action. There’s also this interactive map of all the places and organizations affected by the impasse.

Huffington Post on the Budget CrisisOrganized blog posts and updated news stories as they break; plus archives that span back to last May.

Black College Students and the State Budget Crisis” in the Chicago Defender: Longform article on the ways in which this crisis is disproportionately affecting black students in the state.

BallotopediaA comprehensive rundown of the ways in which the Illinois state government is supposed to work.

Google: It may seem obvious, but there are new stories every single day about the budget crisis. The longer it goes on, the more state institutions are affected. Googling news stories about the budget impasse can teach you a lot in real time.

Sophie Lucido Johnson is the editorial advisor for F, and has written for The Guardian, VICE, Jezebel, The Nation, and others. She makes a ton of pie.
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