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4th Grader Who Named Clinton as Hero Likely Took Funds from Pro-Hillary Group

Money, special interests, and politics on the playground

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Hillary Clinton

On Thursday March 31, 9-year-old Ashley Hartfield of Joyce Kilmer Elementary School turned in an assignment in which she named Hillary Clinton as a role model. New evidence reveals that the fourth grader may have close ties to pro-Hillary funders.

Hartfield’s English teacher Leona Howard told students to write about someone who inspired them and to use the 10 vocabulary words they had learned the previous week. Hartfield took the opportunity to write a one-page report about how she admired the former Secretary of State and how she “wants to see a girl become president.” Below is an excerpt of the paper with the vocabulary words underlined:

“I think Hillary Clinton would make an extraordinary president. She is very attentive and smart. She will represent America. I think she is outstanding.”

Hillary Clinton 4th grader

A classmate confirmed to F Newsmagazine that Hartfield receives a $10 weekly allowance from her parents — which happened to double the week she turned in the report. Hartfield’s mother Rhonda said, “She’s been doing so great in school and getting really good grades! We’re super proud of her and wanted to reward her for all her hard work.”

Interestingly, a search for “Rhonda Hartfield” turns up a Facebook account that shares many pro-Hillary posts including one that reads, “I like Bernie Sanders, but I just feel Clinton has a better chance of beating Trump in the general.” Another reads, “Heck yes South Carolina! Ready for Hillary!!!”

Within hours, #canyouspellcorruption was trending on Twitter. Bernie Sanders supporters see Hartfield as yet another in a long list of media that have ignored the Sanders campaign in favor of covering Clinton. 

One Sanders supporter tweeted, “If Hartfield gets $ from Clinton funders, would she take $ from Goldman Sachs? #canyouspellcorruption.”

Hartfield could not be reached for comment. A  representative said she was at recess.

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