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9 Instagram profiles sure to spice up your feed.

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Is your Instagram feeling a little conservative lately? I can fix that. Follow this nine-item guide for a weirder, heartier and more expressive feed.


gonna have some weird tan lines but boy is it worth it for a leafy gram am I right fellas

A photo posted by gabriella bowden (@gabriella_bowden) on

1. Gabriella Bowden (@gabriella_bowden)

Cool enough to not need a filter, Bowden’s style is basicore to the bone. Your thumb isn’t even close to ready for how deep of a scroll it’s about to descend into this art student’s dreamy life that we all pretend exists outside of our Tumblr dashboards.


2. EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! (@everythingisterrible666)

EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! proves that those weird, awkward home movies never actually disappear. Instead, they vaporize into a riotous multiverse to join a cyclone of failed ‘90s jingles and creepy pre-Internet propaganda, before being regurgitated back into the mindfuck smoothie that is Memory Hole. Follow for drop dates of new Memory Hole content, bizarre images, and the best part: info on real life screenings of their latest movies, which bring together what I imagine to be the weirdest and coolest group of people on Instagram.


Ranunculus, meet me at my office to review this week's collaboration.

A photo posted by Fleur in Logan Square (@fleurinc) on

3. Fleur (@fleurinc)

Even if you don’t find yourself with enough occasions in a year to justify a floral arrangement, Logan Square’s ethereal flower shop Fleur offers a visual feast of crazy blooms and local spots that even your grandmother would repost. Respect the handcrafted hustle of these local floral designers.



A photo posted by @brickmadeit on

4. Brick (@brickmadeit)

Prismatic, syrupy, and with a kingdom of clickbait that leads to the vast web of Chicago’s youth subculture, this SAIC student’s document is the life one daydreams about while shooting rustic barn wedding photography.


5. Lee Tilghman (@leefromamerica)

If avocado toast is a canvas, Lee from America is the Fauvist of our time. The recipes she shares are simple, bright and digestible without any heavy-claim ingredients those Cubist healthletes intimidate us with.


finally 21. happy g day to meeee

A photo posted by Chynna Rogers (@chizzyano) on

6. Chynna Rogers (@chizzyano)

Hard as Tom Ford lacquer dipped nails, Chynna Rogers runs the supermodel rap game with dignity and morals recognized by A$AP Mob. Sharing swanky experiences captioned with deep gratitude, this unpretentious badass is sure to empower you to act the same if you ever find yourself gramming a GPOY with ASAP Nast on your arm hashtag-photo-cred: Brock Fetch.


#somy #tinder #netflix #netflixandchill #dating #onthemarket #imasurvivor

A photo posted by Girltalk (@girltalk_af1234) on

7. Desiree Melancon (@girltalk_af1234)

Here we find the dirty cartoon brainwork of one of snowboarding’s rawest members: Desiree Melancon. Melancon’s account is a mind map of snappy illustrations accompanied by probably the most unabashed narrative of a girl’s raunchy side that can be composed via hashtags.


8. Four&Sons (@fourandsons)

Dogs have a modeling industry, too.


Last night was so much fun! Damn! Thanks everyone for coming out!

A photo posted by Luke pelletier (@lukepelletier) on

9. Luke Pelletier (@lukepelletier)

This SAIC alum/painting/photo/musician powerhouse is my go-to for motivation to stop insta-stalking all of the aforementioned profiles, drag my lagging ass out of bed, and go create something in the world that may or may not end up in the Instagram blender of selfies and hobbies.


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