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What the F Are We Reading? Nov. 1-7, 2015

Keeping You Up-To-Date with What the F Staff is Reading Online

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Keeping You Up-To-Date With What the F Staff is Reading Online


The new trailer for Spike-Lee’s Chi-raq came out and it is INSANE.

Many strong views are circling online surrounding this movie and Chicagoans are mostly negative about the film. Watch the trailer for yourself and join the conversation:

F’s Web Editor Sophie Lucido Johnson Wrote this Wonderful Article on Baking for The Guardian

The way that Sophie intricately describes and takes apart her obsession with reading women’s baking blogs is absorbing and thought-provoking. Whether you like to bake, or you don’t, this article will make you wonder if you should.

An Interesting Way That Polyamory Helped This Woman to be a Successful Arts Administrator

There are some interesting comparisons here that we didn’t expect.

Holland Cotter Discusses His Idea of the “Museum of the 21st Century”

There is much that needs to change.


Photo courtesy of Dread Scott-Tyler

Amazon is Invested in Cracking Down on Fake Reviews

Do you ever browse customer reviews on sites like Amazon and Yelp and just wonder, “Are these real people writing these reviews?” There are many fakers that get paid $5 to write reviews for recently published books. If you are one of these people, watch out! Amazon is coming for you.

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