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What the F Are You Doing?: Phase Two

See the evolution of student work in progress at SAIC.



“What the F Are You Doing?” is a monthly feature of the in-progress artwork being made at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Students, faculty, staff, security guard — really anyone involved in the SAIC community, are invited to feature an in-progress peek at their work at the beginning of the month in our print issue, then reveal online where their art has gone since then. Here are our follow-ups with September’s artists.




J4Kd: “The color is a little more saturated than I expected, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But the object is well made and the turnaround time was surprisingly quick, so I’d order from this company again. 3.5 stars.”



Violet Forest: “Who knew submitting iPhone apps to the iTunes store would be such a complicated process? Gotta make a splash page and menu to make sure the branding is up to apples standards — the app will not be released on the web until the two week approval process with Apple goes through.”





Andrew Lu: “I still don’t think they’re finished and I’m unsure what to do with them right now. I don’t want them to just function as a textile, so I would consider them works in progress or material right now.”

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