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What the F Are We Reading? June 14-21

This week: What is Code? Liberal professor who is scared by his students shouldn’t be. Pole Dancing is art, lap dances are not. Smart Appliances, like lamps, are the future. Jon Stewart gets real about Charleston.

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What is Code?

This might be one of the best interactive explanation of coding I’ve seen. It’s fun to read, it’s fun to play with, and you actually learn something afterward! Those who already know about this stuff will be nodding along and appreciating the cool digital illustrations. Those who know nothing about coding will be like …WAIT, why didn’t anyone explain it like this before?!

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What if You Could Actually Own a Pixar-Like Smart Lamp?

That’s the idea behind the Aspirational Lamp. The desk lamp has a solar panel that collects extra electricity during the day, which it then sells back to the power grid. The lamp can then invest this money in hedge funds and the stocks, which it can then use to pay for future repairs for itself.

According to a New Ruling, Pole Dancing is art, but Giving a Lap Dance is Not

A judge in Upstate New York has ruled that pole dances performed in strip clubs called Nite Moves are indeed art, but that the private lap dances, which happen in the champagne room, are not. “The club included reports from five experts who said the choreographed dances were indeed art — although one said it was ‘terrible.’ But, that expert said, “bad art is still art.”


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A Response to the Liberal Professor Who Claims His Students Scare Him

Last week, we posted THIS article from a self-proclaimed liberal professor who is afraid of saying anything politically incorrect in the classroom for fear of being fired. He claims that students are the ones to blame, while this author points instead to the administration.


Jon Stewart Drops the Comedy to Speak Seriously About the Charleston Killings

For the first time Stewart has no jokes for us. He cannot joke about what happened to the 9 innocent people killed in South Carolina.


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