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Thumbs Up & Subscribe: 5 YouTube Videos Worth the Like

By F+

Illustration by Alex Kostiw

Presidential Throwback

This year YouTube celebrates its ten-year anniversary, and we at F Newsmagazine are celebrating 10 unproductive years of YouTube-aided procrastination. With Thumbs Up & Subscribe!, I select five videos that offer a glimpse into the widespread addiction to YouTube’s black hole of video watching.

This week, I consider the media frenzy surrounding the 2016 presidential election by starting off with some throwbacks to past presidential elections and administrations. 2012 was the year the world fell in love with Psy, and College Humor was quick to release Mitt Romney Style before Gangnam Style was no more.



We saw the rise in 2012 of comedians Key and Peele with their iconic sketch Obama’s Anger Translator. This year, Obama himself participated in a live sketch with Keegan-Michael Key at the White House Correspondents’ Association’s annual dinner.


Engaging with YouTube viewers and potential Obamacare signers-up in March this year, Obama joined the fun and read some Mean Tweets he had received during a section of Jimmy Kimmel Live.



But Obama might not be the only politician who understands the power of social media! Jenna Marbles brought us her hilarious impression earlier this year of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to win the vote of the younger demographic.



On a more serious note, comedian and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight John Oliver addressed the importance of the ongoing conflict between American privacy and national security. In an interview with Edward Snowden, Oliver provided us with a new frame for this conflict: dick pics.


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