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Son of 70mm Festival Opens at the Music Box

Featuring “Vertigo,” “2001,” and “The Master”

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Over the next two weeks, Chicago’s Music Box Theatre will be hosting the second edition of its 70mm film festival, celebrating the unprecedented beauty of 70mm cinema. With much of contemporary cinematic production finishing and presenting its films in digital formats, it has become harder than ever to view movies on film, let alone on the rarer (and much higher-definition) format of 70mm.

This year’s festival features a handful of films that were included in last year’s program (including Vertigo, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Master), but viewers will also have the opportunity to view several new additions (such as Lawrence of ArabiaTron, Patton, and Spartacus).

This is a truly rare opportunity for both casual movie-goers and cinephiles to see some of their favorite films with the utmost analog quality and detail. Tickets for the individual films cost $12.00, but festival passes are also available at discounted rates.

The full schedule is available at the Music Box website.

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