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SAIC Alumni and Faculty at Monique Meloche

My Hands are My Bite: On View until August 2.

By Arts & Culture, SAIC

Lillie Carré, eight weeks (in the sun), 2014

Lillie Carré, eight weeks (in the sun), 2014. Photo by Patrick Reynolds.

Monique Meloche gallery in Wicker Park is currently hosting an exhibition entitled My Hands are My Bite, featuring works from four Chicago-based artists with ties to SAIC. Curated by SAIC painting instructor and 2007 MFA recipient Dan Gunn, the show is comprised primarily of sculptural and other three-dimensional works from artists Diane Simpson, Lilli Carré, Carol Jackson, and Laura Davis. Davis and Jackson currently teach in the Contemporary Practices department, while both Carré and Simpson are alumni of the school.

On the concept behind the exhibition, the Monique Meloche site explains, “In the collision of the handmade and the found, the reality of before and after, the old and the new dissolve leaving a distilled and vulnerable form of style for consideration. The title of the exhibition comes from a work by Laura Davis that references Gabriel Orozco’s My Hands Are My Heart (1991).”

My Hands are My Bite is on view until August 2. More information can be found at

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