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Remembering Chris Johnson


[slideshow gallery_id=”3″] F Newsmagazine was lucky to have Chris Johnson as Staff Photographer during his time at SAIC. Month by month we were continually humbled by the quality of Chris’s photos. An amazing portraitist, studio photographer and documentarian, Chris was easily our best photographer — our pages are vitally dimmed by his passing.
We dedicate the September issue to Chris’s life and work and to his family, who are in our thoughts. We have compiled some of his work to share with you. We welcome all of you who knew Chris to join us and add your memories to the comments section below.

4 Responses to Remembering Chris Johnson

  1. Jason Guo says:

    Chris Johnson is one of the most humble and approachable people I know at SAIC. He has always been very supportive and kind to everyone around him and is genuinely funny. It was my pleasure to have had him as a friend.

  2. June Johnson-Momtgomery says:

    My son Chris has become my inspiration. We miss him greatly.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I met Chris at College of DuPage in the photo program. His imagery always astounded me. What a special, talented soul.

  4. Midway 55-63 says:

    Chris was my cousin. Thank you for remembering him, and continue to strive for what he believed in and for what you believe in.

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