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Where to Show Your Work

Hallways, galleries, stairwells and more at SAIC.

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Map by Chris Givens.

With the addition of the LeRoy Neiman Center and the removal of the Betty Rymer Gallery there have been many changes to the spaces available to show student work at SAIC over the past year. F Newsmagazine decided to compile a list of all of the current opportunities for student artists to display their work to the SAIC community and beyond.


SUGs and the Office of Exhibition Practices accept proposals. Every space can be adapted to fit your project ideas and both programs are looking for student work to exhibit. To prepare a proposal download the application form:

Questions? Feel free to contact
the Student Union Gallery.

SUGs Main Office
36 South Wabash Ave.
Suite 1405, Chicago, IL 60603

Michael X. Ryan
[email protected]

Are you interested in showing and selling your art outside of SAIC? “Creativity in the Workplace” places student work in corporations (like Argo Consulting, Winzeler Gear and the Palmer House Hilton) for a six month loan period. You could even receive honoraria from $100 to $150.

Jeanne Long, Director
[email protected]

Gan Uyeda, Teaching Assistant
[email protected]

Applications for the “Creativity in the Workplace” program can be found online at:



33 S. State St., 7th floor
Chicago, IL 60603
Department of Exhibitions
and Exhibitions Studies
[email protected]

Sullivan Galleries

Enter either on State Street
or 36 S. Wabash
Elevator to the 7th Floor

The Sullivan Galleries often feature shows and projects led by faculty and student curators. Sullivan hosts SAIC’s annual large-scale BFA show and the MFA show, assembled by instructor/curator Mary Jane Jacob’s Advanced Curatorial Practices students.


112 South Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60603

Front entrance on either side
of the staircase

Do you have a painting, installation, or sculpture that you want to show off at Maclean? There are [limited] exhibition spaces at Maclean right smack-dab in front of the doors.



280 South Columbus Dr.
Chicago, IL 60603

First floor Exhibition cases
Café space
Table case (2nd floor)
Gallery X (room 113)
Misc. Space (outside)

Pretty much every wall at Columbus drive is up for the taking. They have walls, glass cases, places where people eat lunch, classy galleries and space outside.



Leroy Neiman Center
37 South Wabash Ave.
Suite 106, Chicago, IL 60603
Flex Space (Near the
hydroponic garden)
Flex wall (The wall between the flex space and the Leroy Neiman SUGs gallery)
Info desk wall
Misc. space

Have an interactive video piece? Done — SUGs and the Exhibition Practices office offer four video screens that can be combined
or separated.

John M. Flaxman Library
37 South Wabash Ave.
6th Floor Chicago, IL 60603

Reading room space

Do you like looking at art when doing homework at the library? Awesome. The Flaxman library has (limited) space to show student work in their nifty reading room!

To propose an exhibition contact:
Gabriella Brown
[email protected]


Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection
37 South Wabash Ave.
Suite 508, Chicago, IL 60603
[email protected]

Front bookcase

“Oh man, what do I do with this
artist’s book I made?” Show it at
the Joan Flasch, yo. They love
books and stuff.

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