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Muerte Midi party in Irving Park

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Flyer for the first Dale Shine party

If the ubiquitous, appropriated illustrations of sugar skulls have not made it clear enough, November 1 is Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a holiday predominantly associated with the Mexican tradition of remembering friends and family who have passed. It’s also a fairly good reason to go out again, just in case there wasn’t enough debauchery in your Halloween celebration.

In Chicago, a group of passionate music lovers who have found the Latin music scene lacking are taking this opportunity to launch a new party series called Dale Shine, using Día de los Muertos as an occasion to pay respects to Latin music legends. That probably means you’ll hear a lot of Selena at the party but also some space merengue from Rita Indiana to bring things up to speed.

Today’s party, titled Muerte Midi, starts at 10PM at Brudders on 3600 N Pulaski. A preview is below:

Muerte Midi from Faux Reel Films on Vimeo.

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