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The Great Refusal Podcast

“Is there something ephemeral in it?” Natalia Nicholson talks to Daviel Shy who is showing at the Sullivan Galleries until Nov 8.

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F Newsmagazine presents “Is there something ephemeral in it?” – the first podcast by Natalia Nicholson addressing everything that is ephemeral, or not. Listen to her talk to Daviel Shy who is showing at the Sullivan Gallery until November 8, 2012. More info at

2 Responses to The Great Refusal Podcast

  1. Amelia Charter says:

    An awesome first podcast, congratulations to reporter, Natalia Nicholson.
    I love “Mostly, there’s only something ephemeral in it.” An articulate and interesting podcast. It is great to hear Daviel talk about her work as well.

  2. Great to hear about this piece! The image of holding on to each other — wanting to keep the partner in the ring so that you can continue to fight, compete, engage — speaks to many of our important personal relationships as well.

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