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Seeking a Perfect Vagina

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The number of women seeking “designer vaginas” is on the rise, according to a BBC report.

Jessie used to flip through magazines for hours, unsuccessfully trying to find a labia similar to hers. She felt like a freak.

Emma said that before labiaplasty her vagina looked “very long, dark, stretchy. It looked disgusting – shrivelled up.”

The number of women getting this type of surgery has increased fivefold in the last five years. Girls as young as 11 are seeking the procedure, according to gynecologist consultant Dr. Sarah Creighton.

The problem is psychological and checks are not carried out in 35% of British clinics.

More on this here.

Trailer of an animated film addressing the issue:

Centrefold – The Trailer from Ellie Land on Vimeo.


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