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New Media, Old School

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On the topic of things you never thought you’d hear, the Guardian ran an article on February 14 that says that MySpace has seen 1 million new users come on board in the last month.

The Guardian identified it’s new ownership (Justin Timberlake among them) and it’s music services as MySpace’s advantage as a social network. It’s current user base is about 25 million people — shocking in its own right, as MySpace has been the butt of the social network joke for a couple of years.

This semester, I’m challenging my students to log off (even delete!) their Facebook profiles for a week. I have to take the challenge with them (which will be great for my work ethic!) Next semester, I’m thinking of asking them to join an older social network (like MySpace or Friendster) and describe their experiences there.

Who knows: maybe by next semester that won’t be such a joke anymore….

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