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Free Book: New Art/Science Affinities

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New Art/Science Affinities is available for purchase through print-on-demand service Lulu, or for free download via the Miller Gallery website

Contributors: Andrea Grover, Régine Debatty, Claire Evans, Pablo Garcia, Thumb Projects
Published by: Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University + CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Publication date: October 2011

I wanted to check out New Art/Science Affinities 1) because of the precocious method of writing it, and 2) because I like art and science and I’m a follower of collaborator Regine Debatty.

1)How it was written: for one week in February, the writers and designers did a “book sprint”. That is, they sat down and wrote the book together. So far, I’ve observed there’s less ego in the writing, and though the personal sense of the “writer” is missing, the interviews and statements by artists interspersed throughout the book seems to give it that blood.

2) So far the book is refusing to take on a grave tone of importance as it relates to the art. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sober, but it’s not self-important. Instantly palatable.

I’m enjoying going through it and you can too. It’s available from ($45.75) or download it for free from the Miller Gallery website.


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