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Bueller Summer

The 1986 classic screens tonight at the Chicago History Museum.

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In F Newsmagazine’s March 2009 Moving Image issue, I declared my love for John Hughes, the filmmaker who inevitably made me fall in love with Chicago many years before I ever dreamed of moving here. In the article, I recounted Hughes’ most eccentric and memorable characters while realizing that I had done fewer things in my two years in Chicago than Bueller had done in just one day. Now a Chicago resident of four years, I still have no excuse for never having stood at the top of the Sears— er, Willis Tower— or never having witnessed the commotion at the Chicago Board of Trade. But this summer, I’ve finally crossed off a number of ditch-worthy (and dare I propose, Bueller-approved) activities from my Chicago bucket list. To start, I saw my first Cubs game, to which the home team prevailed against the Milwaukee Brewers. Next, I bought my first bicycle in Chicago (almost as good as a hi-jacked Ferrari, right?), and lastly, I set sail for the first time on Lake Michigan (and by setting sail, I mean that I lounged around and ate sandwiches while more capable people around me drove the boat.) Tonight, Ferris Bueller ditches again, this time at the Chicago History Museum (one place Bueller didn’t visit on his day off), where the 1986 classic screens at dusk.

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3 Responses to Bueller Summer

  1. Hi Jenn – catch my little John Hughes moment.
    check out the moment at 7:35

  2. says:

    Crispin— amazing! Live phone interview with John Hughes? I’m seriously jealous. Also, righteous high school news station.

  3. Crispin says:

    The interview was going to be on the show the next week – but no one remembers if it happened or not.

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