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Meet Mehri Khalil

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This summer, F Newsmagazine guest columnist Mehri Khalil will be visiting her hometown of Cairo, Egypt, for the first time since the January 25 Revolution … and she’ll be taking F readers with her. In her “Letters from Egypt” column, Mehri will be blogging about what life in Cairo is like after the revolution; how artists and art spaces are responding to the current political climate; what SAIC alums currently in the country are up to; and much more. Check back often for an insider’s view into this history-making moment.

About Mehri:

Mehri Khalil is a graduate student studying Arts Administration and Policy at SAIC.  She received her BBA in Finance from the American University in Cairo, with a double minor in art and mass communications. Mehri has lived her entire life in Cairo, before moving to Chicago in 2010. Her research interests are constantly being challenged. Some long-term goals include opening art centers for people with disabilities, and understanding exhibition design for developing countries. Right now, the recent uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa left her focusing on a newly found freedom of expression and its different means of manifesting itself and being recorded through art.




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