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Music Videos in the Browser

Chrome Experiments, using the browser, html and javascript in creative ways

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by Nick Briz

Almost two years ago exactly, google launched it’s chrome-experiments project, focused on doing creative things with the google browser. Using solely the open web (html5, javascript, WebGL), which means no third party tools or plug-ins like Flash, they managed to make some incredibly immersive and interactive projects. Perhaps the most interesting experiments are two web-based music videos they released. The first is a user-specific video for the band Arcade Fire called The Wilderness Downtown, where, after entering your childhood address, the browser constructs a personalized, nostalgia-inducing, video experience using google maps and seemingly dancing browser windows. The interactive web video was the brainchild of what I’m sure was a creative and technically proficient team of web development gurus at google, lead by music video director Chris Milk and digital artist Aaron Koblin, the creative director of the Data Arts Team at Google Creative Lab. More recently they released another music-web-video for the song Black from the album Rome, a collaboration between Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, Jack White, and Norah Jones (watch it here). This video is an interactive 3D experience, where the viewer not only navigates but effects the 3D space as she steers through it. Here’s a video explaining the project in more detail:

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