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Anne Wilson at Rhona Hoffman

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If you are in Chicago don’t miss the beautiful last solo exhibition “Rewind” by SAIC professor Anne Wilson at Rhona Hoffman Gallery. Wilson is a Professor in the Fiber and Material Studies Department and has developed through the years a unique, powerful and poetic body of work.

Employing found materials such as table linen, human hair, and lace, Wilson explores themes of time, loss, and private and social rituals. In this exhibition, Wilson uses glass- a medium in which she began working at the Pilchuck Glass School artist residency in Washington in 2005. There, she became interested in the relationship between textile processes and glass fabrication: fibrous and flexible when molten, glass bends, spins, winds, and wraps.

image via: Rhona Hoffman Gallery

image via: Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Through February 18 at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, 118 North Peoria.

For more information visit:

-Casilda Sanchez.

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