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Live from UIC Pavillion: Windy City Rollers

Jenn Swann caught up with Sargentina, skater for the traveling team, WCR All-Stars, and home team, The Fury, to find out what it takes to be a roller girl in the Windy City.

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A look at roller derby in Chicago

Hell on Wheels from F Newsmagazine on Vimeo.

By Jenn Swann, Staff Writer

JS: How long have you been a member of The Fury?
Sargentina: I’ve been a member of the Fury for two seasons, and about to start my third. FURY DOMINATION!

JS: What does it take to be a derby girl with the Windy City Rollers?
Sargentina: It takes a lot of commitment, time, and heart. It takes a strong will, a sense of competition, and a little bit of crazy.

JS: What’s the art to choosing a good roller derby name?
Sargentina: It’s nice when it means something to you, and when it’s clever. Really, it needs to be something you’d be comfortable hearing over the loudspeaker and also having it become your alter ego. I LOVE it when I hear a really clever new name. Fun!

JS: There are four competing teams in the Chicago league. Are the teams divided by neighborhoods, or how does a member of the Windy City Rollers choose which team to join?
Sargentina: You don’t choose your team, they choose you. Basically, when you make it through tryouts onto the league, you join our farm team, the Haymarket Rioters. From there, you learn derby basics and skating agility/stamina. When you’re ready, you can be drafted onto one of four home teams. I’ve really always felt like there must be some “sorting hat” a la Harry Potter somewhere, because it just seems like skaters end up belonging to the teams onto which they are drafted. Like it’s meant to be.

JS: Are there team rivalries within the Windy City Rollers league?
Sargentina: Oh yeah! Big time. I mean, you always want to be at the top, but there are teams you certainly want to see on the bottom! Isn’t that the meaning of competition?

JS: The Windy City Rollers are hosting the 2010 Women’s Roller Derby Championship, Uproar at the Lakeshore, in November. What can we expect to see at the championship this year?
Sargentina: AMAZING derby. This sport has continued to evolve, and has truly gotten to what I can almost consider “professional derby.” The women skate faster, hit harder, juke quicker and are just overall the most intense I’ve ever seen. Plus, you’ll see a hometown win if the WCR has their way!

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