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SAIC President Wellington "Duke" Reiter Resigns


This week it was announced to the student body that SAIC’s president, Duke Reiter, has resigned after two years of holding the position.  In the email sent out to every student, he was quoted as saying that, “after much thought, I have decided to return to my ongoing work linking the fields of art, design and sustainable urbanism. These issues have always been my passion and I look forward to devoting my full attention to the creation of sustainable city models on a global basis.” Although I wasn’t personally present at the Strategic Planning meeting held today by the School to discuss upcoming changes in the core values and infrastructure of SAIC, it has come to my attention that some were holding the School accountable for President Reiter’s resignation. I’m sure there are many personal reasons for his decision to resign, and while no academic institution wants their leadership position in limbo, it seems that this accusation jumps to hasty conclusions.  Although not perfect – like any academic institution – SAIC is striving to involve the student body in new and upcoming decisions being made to better the infrastructure of the School. Rather than posing endless critiques and lamentations over what isn’t being done, this seems to be an appropriate time for those discontent with the School and its leadership, to voice their opinion constructively and to strive to make SAIC educate to its fullest potential.

This month the F News question is “What changes and/or improvements would you like to see at SAIC?” We want to be your sounding board.  If there are things you want changed, or issues you have with the School email us at – your response will be considered for publication in the May issue of F.

Until then – Duke, we wish you well.

–Amanda Aldinger, School News editor

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