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Interview with Wellington "Duke" Reiter

We sat down with him to discuss his experiences as President of SAIC, and what he has to look forward to in the years ahead.

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Question no. 1
What were your expectations taking the job, what are you proud to have accomplished, and what ideas didn’t manifest?

Question no. 2
What are the strengths and weakness of SAIC as compared to other schools?

Question no. 3
How do you handle art that is made to sell and art that is made for personal purposes in SAIC’s curricula?

Question no. 4
What are strengths and weakness of SAIC’s undergraduate program?

Question no. 5
When and how did you decide to resign?

Question no. 6
What influence do you hope you’ve made on SAIC? What lies ahead for Duke, and parting words.

camera/sound/interview by Brandon Kosters
editing by Casilda Sanchez

April 2010

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