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CAA attendees share their experiences

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1Patrick “Q” Quilao
SAIC MFA Ceramics ’10
“While attending an SAIC college info session, it was really stressed that we attend the CAA conference … It was really driven home that we take advantage of its being here [in Chicago], for it to be right at our fingertips.”

2Kathleen Tahk
Art History grad student, Northwestern University
“I’m most excited about the broad variety of topics, and to see multiple lectures in dialogue with one another. I’m primarily interested in the Modern Consumer lecture, and Central Europe, post 1889.”

3Noel Moricalt
SAIC BFA Fiber and Material Studies ’11
“The lack of intimacy can cause the exchange of ideas to get lost … I was pleasantly surprised by Julia Bryan Wilson’s subject matter, the Angels of Light and the Cocketts [part of SAIC’s Common Languages Lecture Series]—by what she was talking about and how she was discussing it. I’d love to see a revival of this. I wish I could have come to more.”

4Jessica Walker
Recent graduate of San Franciso State
“I actually just chaired a panel, ‘New Media/New Terrain: Pioneering a Ph.D. in Creative Research.’ I’m really excited to be talking about Ph.D. programs in the arts. In relationship to the MFA, what does that do to the old guard [MFA degree]?”

5Stephanie Chapman
Medieval Art and Archeology Ph.D. student, University of Missouri
“I went to the ‘Questioning Geographies and Temporalities: Postcolonizing Medieval Art’ lecture. I’m really enjoying the variety of speakers, time periods, and the variety of different mediums being presented. I’ve seen sculpture, paintings, even stained glass—it’s really exciting.”

6Maggie Leininger
Professor, Arizona State University; SAIC BFA ’93
“I’ve seen ‘Art as Event’ and ‘Public Art Dialogue.’ I really thought ‘Public Art Dialogue’ was so awesome; it’s what all conference sessions should be about—such a great discussion and dialogue between the panelists and the audience.”

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