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Gathering & Meditation for HAITI

Open Forum: Monday, February 1 2010, SAIC Ballroom.
Speakers: President Wellington “Duke” Reiter, Dean of Faculty Lisa Wainwright, Exec. Dir. Accounting Anne-Marie Eischen and Doris Frame (Mother of Sue Frame, Asst. Dir., Instructional Shops, survivor of the Haiti earthquake).

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Open Forum

Monday, February 1 2010
SAIC Ballroom

– Wellington “Duke” Reiter, President
– Lisa Wainwright, Dean of Faculty
– Anne-Marie Eischen, Exec. Dir. Accounting
– Doris Frame Mother of Sue Frame (Asst. Dir., Instructional Shops), survivor of the Haiti earthquake

Camera/Edit by Casilda Sánchez

For more information on this event read the article: An Utterance for Haiti

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