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Yiffing in a Fur Pile

Furries: thousands of people who have become in touch with their inner raccoon, panda, or fox. It’s sex, costumes and a whole different way of viewing animals. A fetish with anthropomorphic animals.

The League of Furries took a census, which found that 29% of furries are homosexual. Straight furries say it’s just role-playing. Some furverts have jobs working as mascots.

A furry meeting, or convention, is when a group of furs get together in real life. The biggest convention is “ConFURence”, which is held every year in California. Over a thousand furries go each year. Events and entertainment at conventions includes costume shows, technical and art workshops, furry dances, the infamous slave auction, and also numerous room and pool parties. During a convention furries can act completely furry, and feel free in the knowledge that everyone else is doing the same.

A Very Furry Glossary

Yiff: sex

Yiffy: horny

Yiffing: mating

Fur pile: a bunch of furries lying on top of one another.

Spooge: a possible result of a fur pile.

Furvert: someone sexually attracted to mascots.

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