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Shellie Fiocca Artist Statement I am a second year graduate student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Visual Communications department. I am also the Webmaster here at Fnewsmagazine Online, the student run news publication at the School. In my thesis work I am painting opaquely over magazines and mail order …

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Shellie Fiocca

Artist Statement
I am a second year graduate student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Visual Communications department. I am also the Webmaster here at Fnewsmagazine Online, the student run news publication at the School. In my thesis work I am painting opaquely over magazines and mail order catalogs to reverse the role of producer vs. purchaser. I am interested in the internal censorship by the consumer and the amount of distraction that comes into play while recieving messages.

Movie Info
Title: It’s All Under Control
Media: Mixed Media (Print, Paint, Pen, Then Mini DV Footage) Quicktime Movie, Length: 3:36
?Producer: Shellie Fiocca
Music: Bloc Party “Pioneers” (Album: Silent Alarm)

This is my first attempt at video editing and I wanted to focus on investigating my artistic process. It is important for my audience to understand the disection of a moment in time.

Ian Gardiner

Artist Statement
I’ve been in Chi-town for 4 months now…trying to figure this city out. What I’ve found so far is that I feel alive outside and off the track. That’s puny.

Movie Info
Title: Off The Track
Media: Mini DV/ Final Cut Pro
Length: 3:00:00

Two scenes were inspired by my favorite movie, Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio. This was my second project with Final Cut and I think the hardest part was trying to keep things simple. For this screening, I ended up cutting about 85 percent of the footage. Otherwise, in terms of editing, I didn’t use any complex techniques because, first off, I don’t know how to, and secondly, I didn’t wat to take too much away from the musicians themselves.

Matt Hill

Artist Statement
Matt works in Chicago as a network engineer and spends much of his time getting to know different varieties of creative software. Of special interest to him is the idea of using mathematics to generate pseudo-organic pieces, such as moving fractals.

Movie Info
Title: Black Cat
Media: Video
Length: 3:59
Production Notes:
music by Broadcast from Tender Buttons – 2005
adapted from Jean-Luc Godard’s Le Mépris (aka Contempt) – 1963
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Apple Final Cut Pro

Work started on this project with the intent of recreating the story and mood of Contempt in a new setting: a music video, and a new form: vector art. As time progressed the focus shifted from the story to the movement and shapes of Godard’s film. By examining these aspects closely, the story and mood that was the original focus became subtly implied. Also, the removal of color incites the viewer to focus on the characters and abstract shapes.

Evan Lee

Artist Statement
My name is Evan Lee. I was born and raised in Chicago. I am a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I am currently trying to pursue a career in the field of video editing. My interest in editing came about four and a half years ago when I got access to a digital camcorder and just started shooting stuff. With all that footage I decided to edit it in iMovie and eventually made a mini movie of my Freshman year of college. From them I try to do as many projects that I can whether they are my own or handed to me.

Movie Info
Title: The Van Damage
Media: DVDs, and VHS’s
Length: 4:17;00

Editor: Evan Lee
Actor: The incredible Jean-Claude Van Damme. I would personally like to thank Mr. Van Damme for all the hours of working out, martial arts training, and English lessons he did in order to prepare for his role in this video. He truly is an inspiration to all up and coming cheesy action film stars. Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and the Rock have nothing on you my friend (Segal is second, but a distant second). Here’s to you Nok Su Kou!!!

One of the big reasons for the creation of this video came from one of the lessons in the class. I think it was my second class when Mike showed everybody how to capture from other media, like VHS and DVD. For projects that I usually worked on it would always be with footage I shot on my own. Now knowing how to capture from VHS and DVD really opened up my eyes to other possibilities. I had learned other valuable techniques from class, but none of them are used for this particular video because of a piece of advice that Mike and Nat had given me. They said to stick with just using the clips from the Van Damme movies since this is suppose to make fun of him. If I were to use some of the techniques learned in class, like time remapping, it would be more about what I was doing rather than the comedy that is Van Damme.

Jen Rosenthal

Artist Statement
Before graduating art school with an animation degree, I found myself thrown into a video editing class as part of the required curriculum. Five years later, with a career in industrial design, I find myself not only revisiting that editing class, but desiring to make it my main focus. Whether it’s due to my love of movies, fascination with capturing moments in time, or simply because a new interest was sparked so long ago, it’s with reckless abandon that I forge ahead in this electrifying new medium.

Movie Info
Afterglow MK.II
MiniDV, Digital Photography, Apple PowerBook G4, Final Cut Pro

Directed, Shot, & Edited by: Jen Rosenthal
Starring: Michael D.
Music by: My Were They
Remix by: Michael D.
Production Assistants: Ben Chappell & Billy Baumann

Afterglow MK.II portrays a very intimate look into my own anxieties and attitudes regarding repetition, compulsion, and the sometimes-overwhelming feeling that I’m walking in circles. When the protagonist finds himself taped and gagged in the middle of nowhere, he panics and tries to escape what ultimately becomes an inescapable situation; he is doomed to repeat his fate over and over again. I tried to create a nightmarish setting by working heavily with the time remapping and razor tools. By slowing and speeding up the footage, as well as deleting and remixing spans of time from its natural order, I hoped to give the video a tense and disjointed feel, just as if you were in the woods not knowing why or how you got there, and that perhaps you’ve been there before…

Julia Zinn

Artist Statement
Knuckle Tattoo Trilogy is a 13-minute long movie that was made during the summer of 2005. It is divided into three short segments and is in the style of a late 50’s juvenile delinquent movie, but all the dialogue is delivered by way of knuckle tattoos.

The trailer and poster were designed in the style of exploitation cinema advertising – particularly that of juvenile delinquent films – featuring wordy, over-the-top, exaggerated descriptions of the movie’s depravity and shock value along side claims that the characters reflect the true behavior of the era’s teenagers. The knuckle tattoo dialogue is made use of as the movie’s gimmick – gimmicks always being a bonus, on top of depravity and outrageous content, for exploitation films, which rarely had big-name actors or large budgets to boast about. I used editing devices typical of this genre and its trailers, such as ‘explosion’ and wipe transitions and hand-painted captions and titles (rather than digitally-created ones).

Another feature of the exploitation cinema advertising campaign was that it frequently surpassed or equaled the actual film in entertainment value and would add to the fun of attending such movies. While I’d like to think the full version of “Knuckle Tattoo Trilogy” lives up to its mini-advertising campaign, I attempted to make a trailer that was as fun to watch as any true exploitation trailer.

Movie Info

Writing/Editing/Voice-Over: Julia Zinn

Starring: William Mockry, Kevin Corcoran, Chris Brewer, Brock W.K. Potucek, Lauren Kimball-Brown, Lisa Floor, Holly Santee, Julia Zinn, Niki Hossack, & Lena Marvin

Written by: Lauren Kimball-Brown
Directed by: Lauren Kimball-Brown & Julia Zinn
Edited by: Julia Zinn
Make-up by: Lisa Floor
Sets/Props/Hair/Costumes/Transportation: All Cast

Music: Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Mario Pompetti, The Diamondheads, Joe Meek
(the first two used in trailer)

Thanks/Apologies: Jason Barker, Jennifer Brown, Philip Kimball, Josephine Michener, & everyone whose property we spilled blood on. Please contact Julia Zinn at [email protected] if you have an interest in obtaining a copy of the DVD (or VHS tape).

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