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Spotlight on Israel and Lebanon. Letter from Raayda.

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Spotlight on Israel and Lebanon

It’s odd, but in times of war we are all reduced. Sub-humans would be taking it to the extreme, but our instincts become acute and our inhibitions seem to diminish. Survival of a certain kind takes over and we come to realize over time just what people we are and even more how the relationships we have with others are but a tool of survival. Our lives revolve around the notion of advancing in the days of normalcy and once the ability to go further on a daily basis disappears things become a lot more basic. If you are contributing to the war efforts in anyway then you may feel another sense within you. These include the efforts of writing, entertainment of less fortunate children, or the distribution of food, clothing, medicines and household supplies to those who have none of them due to the pure and utter destruction of everything they owned but this time not by natural disaster.

They say that a flood is a cleansing and renewing event in a harsh sense; and I guess in essence so can a fire be of these same attributes. But, when the cause of the fire is an intentional choice to annihilate then it no longer carries within it the aroma of nature. It becomes an act of violence and an act of hate. When these actions are aimed at civilians then those actions fall under the oh so commonly used word in this new millennium which we have all lived to know as terror.

They don’t even take into account the lives of the Palestinians anymore. At this point it must just seem pointless. I mean, you think about 58 years of occupation. Who could care anymore about the lives of a few hundred more? PLEASE! A whole other population is currently being annihilated. They seem to brush them aside like the descendants of the holy land are of no more significance to this entire problem. The same thing happened last year when how many hundreds of Iraqis where trampled due to the sudden scare that was staged by the forces that be as the Zionists where all of a sudden seen by the entire international community as angels for resettling the already several year old ILLEGAL settlers that had been living there, armed and ready to attack at the most densely populated plot of land on earth, measured by also the international community, not myself.

Yesterday as I spoke with my friend who has now somehow made it back to Gaza he tells me that: “here, there is no hope anymore.” They are distributing a $30,000 food supply, he said, to the local residents of the region. Surely, if an entire population is wiped out by another it will not be the first time in our world’s sad history. But maybe the first time that it is done by the same people that just had it done to their own ancestors two generations before.

I believe that the destruction in numbers of a civilian population is of greater significance than is the percentage of soldiers’ deaths, as measured by the international players, UN peace keepers and the countries at battle. Here in Lebanon over one fourth (1/4) of our country’s population has been left homeless, not to mention its 401 dead (now more). This hasn’t been due to the eruption of a volcano as just occurred in Ecuador, the Philippines or Indonesia a few days ago, nor is it because of a hard hurricane season
like the one that hit the Americas last year. It can’t even be attributed to a tsunami like the devastating one that hit the lower southerner East Asian countries Christmas time of 2004.

This is an intentional displacement and attempt of annihilation of a certain people in the country I live in. This is the “clash of fundamentalism” between East and West. This the cycle of history that they teach us so thoroughly of in our 70% incorrect history text books as we grow up. This is the unpredicted idea that when you colonize a people (the British) and you impel for the creation of an offspring (the US) and then they feel the need to be allied and protected by a strategic point (Israel) it creates a vast so wide that it becomes indestructible, that your colonized wants to see it down and destroyed. It chooses to see it down! It inevitably then allies itself with the forces that be in its locally chosen points. Now al-quaeda has taken sides.


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