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Spotlight on Israel and Lebanon. Letters from Rayya

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Spotlight on Israel and Lebanon/Rayya’s emails

Now they have just hit a small village called Quana. In 1996 it was also attacked killing more than 100 of its residents. It is being called a massacre as far as 52 bodies have been pulled out of the rubble. 28 children and many of whom were already refugees in the town form other Southern villages. Israel claimed that they warned residents three days ago to evacuate with leaflets dropped in the area. Who cares! It doesn’t matter! This is already going down in history, publicly FINALLY, as a criminal act of war by the Zionist state, because now the number is rising and Condelezza Rice has canceled her visit this second time around to Beirut for today. Good because she would have been bombarded by hate from the Lebanese people. What does the future hold for us? What do we millions of Arabs, Palestinian, Lebanese do? As you sit there in front of a computer reading this email, do you feel helpless?

Do I still go ahead and pursue the attempt at becoming a citizen of the only country in the history of this world to ever poses so much power that it controls in its hands the destiny of the people in this place of my birth during the last war? I’m not sure these statistics exist now, but what number equals the Palestinians + the Lebanese + the Israelis? Now several hundred less. If you add up all the countries of the Middle East and North Africa’s populations and all of those that support the east in this case, do they outnumber the western representation — Israel, the US and its Jews, sympathizers and Zionist apologists? Who knows? but if a war is to continue it seems apparent who is most likely to “win”.

Yesterday George and I visited the beach, or should I call it the oil spills. There’s nothing left on the land that’s not doused by dark black tar. From bottles, to fish, to a chair I saw turned over. Among us were many journalists and reporters. Will anyone care? Israel threatened to strike on any cleaning boats that attempt to clear up the coast from the countries spilled oil reserves. And now the US asks for cease fire? Disgusting!

Salam one day,


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