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Who would be in your version of “Art School Confidential” by comic artist Dan Clowes?

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“I always say that art school was to me what Viet Nam was to Oliver Stone,” says comic artist Dan Clowes regarding his comic short-turned-summer-movie, “Art School Confidential.”

But many SAIC students argue that Clowes’ handful of stereotypes depicted in the movie don’t properly exploit the endless varieties of parodical archetypes in art schools today.”
F Question:F Answers:”It should be like sex without the diseases.”
Character: the ActivistDescription: Member of the activist social group composed of Ian Mackaye wannabes and fake lesbians clad in pins, ripped shirts, ammo belts and other war motifs. They all hate war. Quote: “
Yeah, so this collage is all about how much I hate Office Max for cutting our forests down, and as you can see there’s Georgewbush (said in one syllable) in the corner. Yeah. I’m kinda radical.
”~Racer LeVanDrug overdoses. Nobody died from getting too smacked up in the dorms in the first week of school in the movie. Also, why was the romantic interest in interaction so high-school-football-movie style? None of that.
More male sluttiness, and some dabbling in bisexuality is in order as well.~Michael Saul Garber

Adolf Hitler! Hey, he was an artist, too! Also, the movie didn’t have ME in it—the girl version of Jerome, one who isn’t a Roy Orbison look-alike
—you know, with those requisite glasses the whole damn art universe wears, who is the talented suburban misanthropic outsider in a sea of wannabe freaks. ~Cathleen Nesheiwat, alumna
Painting and DrawingI don’t think you could possibly fill all the stereotypes of an art school into one movie or comic. The most important thing is that he nailed a lot of the ones that were included.
What I liked most about the movie though was that there are no sincere individuals—everyone was a caricature. It plays offour desires to be unique.
~Eli Walker
Painting and Drawing

In my version of “Art School Confidential,” I would be sure to include the lack of knowledge and reason.
~Aatish Puniani

PhotographyI think I would have to comment on how at the end of the day, it is all about money and politics, vanity and ego.~Kate Tepe

S.G.R.O.U.P.s. Sensible Graduates Recently Occupied as Urban Professionals.

Y.A.P.A.s.Young Artists Preparing Americanos
H.E.K.W.W.U.U.s.Highly Educated Korean Women Willingly or Unwillingly Unemployed.
Y.M.I.T.T.I.Young Men In The Textile Industry
S.M.O.L.J.Straight Men On Live Journal~ Jovencio de la Paz
Fiber and Materials

I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that most of the stereotypes he depicts that offended SAIC students are fairly accurate, and that’s why they were so offensive.
Basically because everyone I meet at school is a walking art fag stereotype. It’s a fucking joke, really. Anyway, in my version of “Art School Confidential,” there would be lots of fucking douchebags.
You know, douchebags who think they’re so fucking smart and creative and artsy, but in actuality they’re just like a bunch of retarded high school fucks with maybe a little talent, and a lot of unoriginal ideas.
Also, I’d make sure to put in lots of drugs and alcohol, as binge drinking and smoking pot all the time are the only things keeping me from going completely insane when I’m at school.
Art school is fucking sweet, and I fucking love it. Yeah!~Forrest Lillibridge

In my version of “Art School Confidential,” all the students would realize how badass I am and then depict me in their masterpieces.

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