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Jen Rosenthal – Afterglow MK.II, 00:04:12

Student Video Art Profile

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Artist Statement
Before graduating art school with an animation degree, I found myself thrown into a video editing class as part of the required curriculum. Five years later, with a career in industrial design, I find myself not only revisiting that editing class, but desiring to make it my main focus. Whether it’s due to my love of movies, fascination with capturing moments in time, or simply because a new interest was sparked so long ago, it’s with reckless abandon that I forge ahead in this electrifying new medium.

Movie Info
Afterglow MK.II
MiniDV, Digital Photography, Apple PowerBook G4, Final Cut Pro

Directed, Shot, & Edited by: Jen Rosenthal
Starring: Michael D.
Music by: My Were They
Remix by: Michael D.
Production Assistants: Ben Chappell & Billy Baumann

Afterglow MK.II portrays a very intimate look into my own anxieties and attitudes regarding repetition, compulsion, and the sometimes-overwhelming feeling that I’m walking in circles. When the protagonist finds himself taped and gagged in the middle of nowhere, he panics and tries to escape what ultimately becomes an inescapable situation; he is doomed to repeat his fate over and over again. I tried to create a nightmarish setting by working heavily with the time remapping and razor tools. By slowing and speeding up the footage, as well as deleting and remixing spans of time from its natural order, I hoped to give the video a tense and disjointed feel, just as if you were in the woods not knowing why or how you got there, and that perhaps you’ve been there before…

Copyright 2005 Jen Rosenthal | Unauthorized use or duplication is a violation of applicable laws and is subject to prosecution.

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