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Utrecht Eliminates Books From School Store

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by Simon Hunt

Beginning in the fall semester, Utrecht will no longer supply textbooks and course packets for SAIC. This task will be taken up by the college division of Barnes & Noble Booksellers. A new store is under construction at DePaul’s downtown campus, located at Jackson and State, and is scheduled to open on June 1.
Benefits of the new store include a larger selection — the DePaul store is reserving room for 400-500 individual titles from SAIC instructors — and the chance to buy and sell used texts. Used books account for 40 percent of the store’s sales, with students saving an estimated 25 percent on books. Students and faculty will also be able to access a website where book lists may be uploaded and purchases made.

In addition to textbooks and course packets, the new Barnes & Noble store will include a selection of some 60,000 paperback and hardcover books, a café, and extended operating hours: 7a.m.-10p.m. Monday-Saturday (Sunday hours to be determined).
“Utrecht is an art supplier, not a bookseller,” says Mark McKenzie, an SAIC Utrecht manager. In the past, Utrecht has had to special-order every book directly from the publisher. Now that space will be cleared in their Sharp Building location, Utrecht plans to expand their inventory. A greater selection of art supplies will be available, including some specialty items not normally stocked by Utrecht. Managers will be meeting with instructors to determine how best to develop their offerings.

May 2005

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